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Cherishing Food

Role: Curatorial Assistant

- Develop and design the exhibition materials

Task:  - Curatorial research


"Cherishing Food" is the first collaborative art and design exhibition on the theme of "food" between Vanke  Foundation and Design Society. 

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The Challenge

We are currently facing multiple contradictions in the world's development, and we hope to inspire public attention and discussion on these important issues through the creative perspectives of artists and designers: how does food shape our world? What will our food be like tomorrow? What will they look like? Will they taste better? How can we eat to bring us more delicious culinary enjoyment and a more sustainable and better future world?

The Outcome

The exhibition showcases 15 groups of food-related research and conceptual works created by artists and designers, reflecting on a range of food-related issues, including the relationship between traditional agriculture and modern society, the production and distribution modes of industrialized food, the positive and negative impacts of food production on the environment, and the social relationships formed by consumption habits in urban areas.

The Impact

The exhibition uses art to showcase the world's imperfect state and inspire a new appreciation for nature. After the exhibition, the materials will be recycled. The modular design of the exhibit breaks from traditional custom-made displays, allowing for easy transportation and reuse.

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Overview of the Exhibits

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