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Monset Talk

MONSET: A Service that Offers Financial Resilience Building through Conversational Banking

Partnered with NatWest Group to define an innovative service that champions potential; breaking down barriers and building financial confidence so the 19 million people Natwest communities throughout the UK and Ireland can thrive.



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The Challenge

Money = Taboo, Financial Anxiety, Generational Gap

55% of UK adults don’t feel comfortable having a familial conversation
about money or their financial worries. Yet 48% admit they have regularly worried about not having enough money, which has in turn affected their overall well-being.

Collaborated with NatWest Group, We want to help adults consciously address financial anxiety and help families have a sustainable financial growth journey.

My parents have always focused on saving for rainy days ,
so I think its okay to enjoy and let go sometimes.



My mom was a big spender. So, I had to start planning and saving early on. I think I know what not to do now.



The Insights

Enagaging sensitively with parents through survey, interviews, and workshops gave us a perspective on different types of life-styles, backgrounds, mindsets, ages etc that contribute to financial and mental well-being.

Our main takeaways are:

Age no bar for
Fin. literacy:  A persons financial age may vary from their actual age and experience levels.

Short term
vs Long term:  Ambiguity in assessing and managing short term and long term goals causes anxiety.

Adulting =
Resilience:  Adults are expected to know it all. This creates isolation, exclusion , discouragement & shame.

Networth or Selfworth?:  People quantify their self-worth, fulfillment, satisfaction, purpose etc using money as a metric of their success.

Money is an emotional matter.

We asked: What does financial success look like for you as parents?

Spending quality time with my family without having to worry about money.

The Outcome

MONSET TALK is a coversational banking service that aims to help parents evolve financial capability and to enhance their financial well-being; plus, enables them to break generational unresourceful habits and re-teaches financial communication with children and beyond.

As a service, MONSET TALK aims to bring together the feasibility of conversational banking, combined with people's preference for prompt and private solutions. It also attempts to be cost-effective and scalable, expand to other user groups, traverse via newer mediums and advanced with more intelligent features in the long run.


Money = Taboo

55% of UK adults don’t feel comfortable having a conversation about money or their financial worries.

Networth or Selfworth?

People quantify their self-worth, fulfillment, satisfaction, purpose etc using money as a metric of their success
Money is an emotional matter.

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User Research

Interviews with over 50 parents & kids

- Sandwich parents: Millennia parents are often busy with work, with elderly parents to take care of and children to educate, and the pressure is often financial anxiety;
- Generational cycle: They want to teach their children healthy financial concepts, but don't know how to have an open conversation with their children;
- Educational barrier: Due to the taboo nature of financial topics themselves, they are usually not discussed with them and do not know their specific problems and how to solve them.

5 workshops with parents & children & family

- Both parents expressed that there are constraints in discussing financial topics at present;
- They hope to educate the next generation with healthy financial education through       

  systematic learning and reflection.

(2 crazy 8 + 1 crazy 40) x 5 = 280

- A model to help parents open financial topcis with their children

Our Vision

To create a self-sustaining community-led network effect using high financial EQ for 4 million families across the UK, 

such that the overall financial resilience, literacy and confidence of the next generation is higher.

Design Challenges

How might we help parents deconstruct + reconstruct their relationship with money, consciously change their generational mindsets, 

and create a healthy financial foundation with their children through Unlearning and 
Re-learning together?


MONSET TALK is a service that offers financial resilience building through conversational banking.

It aims to help young families evolve their financial capability and to enhance their financial wellbeing.
This is done by helping them identify and break resourceful generational habits so that they may have better interpersonal communication about money with their children and beyond.

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User Validation
 and SME Sessions



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Vincent Slevin

Phd Service Designer, Modal

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James Cochrane

LBS, Entrepreneur

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Shelly Zhang

Harvard Graduate School of Education, Educator

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*SME = Subject Matter Experts

Value Proposition


Value Creation


Looking Into The Future

With respect to partners, the goal would be to form a network of parents, promotional partners, and Small and Medium enterprises to collaborate with for revenue generation.

In the future, as MONSET gains more traction and trust. the service is potential to expand to other user groups, traverse via newer mediums, and advance with more intelligent features


Business Model

SWOT Analysis

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